Sunshine, Beaches, and Gratitude

It has been quite a year, so my sister-in-law’s thoughtful invitation to Thanksgiving meant a lot to us. We’ve moved, we’ve traveled, we suffered loss, and we’ve worked towards significant goals, succeeding through both a combination of great luck and huge sacrifices.

I felt tired but let me tell you; there is nothing quite like the warm sunshine and vast beaches of California to pick you back up and renew your sense of gratitude.


The embrace of the sun and a seat at our West Coast family’s table. A splash in the pool, a walk to the beach on a day with no work, no deadlines, and no obligations. It’s more than enough to center oneself, stop and be thankful, and move forward towards making a good ending to a long year.


That’s what I like about Thanksgiving. It’s not too late in the year to give it a second chance. A renewed energy with a smaller commitment to see things through!


Just from the relaxed nature of the beach towns in Orange County, one is practically forced to slow down. Perusing the main street of Long Beach with our hip little dude brought us to a shop I loved called Fern’s Garden. I left with a few beautifully handcrafted, ethically made gifts.


So give thanks, forget about the rest, pause long enough to smile and hit the road again.

Locations: Huntington Beach and Long Beach, CA

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Christine Mulvania is a freelance writer based in Houston, TX. After living in six states and two countries, Christine launched her writing career with a passion for connecting audiences and sharing experiences. Fluent in three languages she helps people tell their stories through her expertise in digital media. Christine is a marathon runner, addicted to hot yoga and obsessed with RV travel. Mom to a little boy and two dogs, she loves exploring the city of Houston and getting out into the country in her Airstream on weekends.

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