Christmas Eve Will Find Me…

This year Christmas Eve will find me in our new city cooking and spending time with new friends and old. Our constant travel schedule put us right at home in Houston and while miles away from family the spirit of Christmas was shared in the embrace of our vibrant new city and the company of great friends.

There is just nothing like the spirit of Christmas, especially on Christmas Eve. The twinkling lights, specialty food, seasonal desserts and rounds of red wine shared with friends who linger late into the evening sharing laughs well past bedtime.


Traditional Italian comfort food was on the menu for Christmas Eve. I got up early to make my homemade marinara and bake a savory loaf of Italian herb bread.


After welcoming our guests and settling into a classic antipasto platter, stuffed shells was the main dish, baked just right, oozing with cheese and smothered in homemade marinara


No holiday dinner is complete without dessert, of course! Chocolate cake made with red Dutch processed cocoa and soaked with a chocolate coconut liquor, topped with whipped cream and served with a refreshing handcrafted limoncello brought by our guests.


Of course, we saved Santa a slice. Here’s to hoping we are on the good list this year!

About Christine

Christine Mulvania is a freelance writer based in Houston, TX. After living in six states and two countries, Christine launched her writing career with a passion for connecting audiences and sharing experiences. Fluent in three languages she helps people tell their stories through her expertise in digital media. Christine is a marathon runner, addicted to hot yoga and obsessed with RV travel. Mom to a little boy and two dogs, she loves exploring the city of Houston and getting out into the country in her Airstream on weekends.

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