Leave it all behind. At least for a few days…

With all the chaos of this year and the crescendo that is the holidays, a post-Christmas escape from the city was what I needed. It’s surprising how freeing a little RV can be. The ability to just hook it up to our truck and go hide out for a few days getting lost in nature and letting time slow down.


We are so fortunate to have Sam Houston State Forest just over an hour drive from our bustling Houston neighborhood. Coldspring, TX is a quiet town that feels so far removed from our hectic daily life.


A few chilly days made it all about cozying up, bundling up and unwinding in the peace and tranquility mild Texas winters offer us.


Time spent exploring despite the chill meant rosy cheeks and red noses. Warming up to a bowl of slow cooker chili felt just right as the sun went down and we nestled into our trusty little camper calling it a night.


The roads are long and lined with towering pines. The town is quiet and we could explore for days. The last day we ventured around the area but just down the road had a nice little family dinner out at Joe’s. Cozy and with any Italian specialty you can imagine reminding me so much of the mom and pop Italian restaurants where I grew up.

DSC_0159With a breath of fresh air, we are feeling ready for the year ahead.

Location: Sam Houston State Forest, Coldspring, TX

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