Go your own way, and if it doesn’t fit into the mold, that’s ok. If it doesn’t meet other’s expectations of you, so long as you aren’t hurting anyone, it’s ok. If something or someone is hurting you, go your way, it’s ok.


Your dreams and goals may fit into the mold and give you a comfortable sense of community and sometimes they may not. Don’t let fear stop you from living a dream you’ve dared to grow. Trust that you will find your place along the way and promise to inspire others in return.


People will have expectations of you. Be honorable enough to live up to them but not at the expense of your own. Those who genuinely want the best for you will guide you on your journey. Always give those people who do, through your actions, the gratitude they deserve.


Sometimes the world is not a pretty place. People will hurt you, but you don’t owe it to them to stand in their destructive path. Don’t be stubborn enough to stand your ground. You may forever stay at an impasse. Have the courage to move on. Some may catch up later, some may not, but you don’t deserve the destruction too many people may throw your way.


Sometimes things will be great; sometimes they will be hard. Sometimes your journey will be as clear as day, and sometimes it will be confusing. You’ll accomplish great things, you will make mistakes but if you take with you the attributes of kindness, sincerity, truth, accountability, and gratitude through hard work things will work out, and you will live with few regrets.


Go for it.

Location: Lake Lavon, TX