In Twenty Minutes I Decided “Someday” Would be Today.

Twenty minutes. That’s about all the time I need, unsupervised, people.

On one particularly busy day, Ryan offered to pick up Hank from daycare which gives me about 20 minutes between shifts as a full-time working mom who has s**t to get done, deadlines to meet, people to feed, dogs to walk and bedtimes to coordinate before preparing to do it all the next day. Like most families, it’s a busy life over here. What else can I say?

Inaugural Voyage, East Sparta, OH

Ryan and I had been looking at Airstreams in that kind of, maybe “one day” sort of way. We had become taken with RV travel after the purchase of our first little RV almost a year ago. A 17-foot Coachmen I affectionately named “the nugglife” after my weakness for chicken nuggets on road trips. Weekend trips in Texas and a summer cross-country road trip and we were pretty hooked. Hank is now two, and we’ve traveled quite a bit with him. Planes, trains, automobiles, you name it but hands-down, by far, RV traveling is the best way to get around as a family especially with a small child. 

“The Nugglife” Christmas 2017, Coldspring, TX

Anyway, back to that fateful day when I was given just enough time to alter our course as a family and prompted Ryan to question what his career and our lifestyle have done to my sanity.

We kept looking at a particular Airstream in Ohio which was coincidentally not far from where we used to live, and I was sitting at my kitchen counter thinking we’ve got the money, money we were sitting on until we found a “normal” and “traditional” use for it. Like…a house maybe? I’m three states in and two houses down on my home ownership journey here, so that’s not working out for me, is it? A new car? I have a nice car, and I don’t really care for cars plus I can’t even drive. (Well…right now at least. Do not let your out-of-state license expire in TX people, FYI.) As adults we are pressed to make these specific milestone purchases which usually involve as much debt as other people tell us we can afford (weird, no?) and what does that do exactly? (Please tell me I’m not the only one questioning this. I’ll feel a lot better.) Feed the system? Pay other people’s salaries? My advice to anyone wondering the same thing, if you are interested in my two cents on this and I know I am getting personal and opinionated, is as long as you are paying your bills, got a nice nest egg and you are not mooching off anyone to fund your lifestyle, do whatever you want. Live your life. I contacted the seller, negotiated a great deal, and we could pick up the Airstream in mid-March.

Inaugural Voyage, Gatlinburg, TN

Ryan walked into our apartment after his own long day at work to my great news which had one caveat, lucky him, if we bought the Airstream I wanted us to move into it full-time when our lease is up in June. Yup. Move into roughly 200 square feet of space with my husband, toddler, and two dogs. He kind of just stared at me in shock, but deep down I knew he thought this was a pretty cool idea. We’ll have more flexibility to travel and while tiny living comes with sacrifices, less stuff to take care of means more time and freedom to just DO. He agreed right on the spot and were confirmed to pick up our “one-day” Airstream of our dreams.

Our new digs. Not bad!

Now, we aren’t going full rogue here. As in, quit our jobs, sell all our life’s possessions and hit the open road rogue. We are doing a version I like to call “rogue-lite” (there will be so much more on this later). We are keeping our jobs. We have fulfilling careers that we are happy with, and mine is remote, so that’s a plus here. All our major belongings are going into storage until we are ready for some roots or decide this is the worst idea we’ve ever had (whichever comes first), and we’ll continue to be Houston based.

Ryan, Canton, OH, Halloween 2014 dressed as “Cousin Eddie” from Christmas Vacation. The irony is not lost on me, guys.

I love Houston. I love Texas, but I have no clue what I am doing down here, and I hope some wheels will help me figure this out. So, the Bistro will be on the go, and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!

About Christine

Christine Mulvania is a freelance writer based in Houston, TX. After living in six states and two countries, Christine launched her writing career with a passion for connecting audiences and sharing experiences. Fluent in three languages she helps people tell their stories through her expertise in digital media. Christine is a marathon runner, addicted to hot yoga and obsessed with RV travel. Mom to a little boy and two dogs, she loves exploring the city of Houston and getting out into the country in her Airstream on weekends.

9 comments on “In Twenty Minutes I Decided “Someday” Would be Today.

  1. Auntie S

    I just love this!!! Your very own “Traveling Road Show”. I hope to catch up with you somewhere!
    -Auntie S

  2. Judith Goguen

    Great news!! I will be a regular visitor to your blog.

  3. Loretta Finl

    You are inspiring! Your mom would be so proud of the amazing woman you’ve become!

    • christinesbistro

      Thank you so much! I often think about what she would have thought about this choice! 😂

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  5. This sounds like the start of a pretty great chapter in your life! Good luck! 🙂

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