IMG_1104webHi, I’m Christine, the minimalist mom, travel junkie, food lover and curator behind Tried, Traveled and Worn which could be a tagline that describes my life. It is what it is.

I was born in New York, raised in New Jersey and after living in too many states to count and a foreign country in between, I now reside in Houston, TX with my husband Ryan and my sweet little boy Hank.

After 10 years in marketing and linguistics, I left my career to pursue content development full-time. What started as a small hobby, a little website (once called Christine’s Bistro <3 ) to update friends and family turned into more as I built a life on experiences and felt a sense of community among everyone I met along the way. I realized that with a background in connecting audiences it was time to pursue something with a more positive impact. I’m here to share my passion for accessible travel, intentional living, small moments and big experiences. Bringing us all together in my little digital space brings me not only purpose, but incredible happiness so thank you for stopping by!

Life’s all about the journey!


Christine and crew!